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OMNIA – Low-Code Application Development Platform

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If your business involves focuses on the development of software solutions for your client portfolio, our partner program is exactly what your looking for

Bulk Pricing

By becoming an OMNIA Partner, you’ll experience special pricing, dedicated tech support, development consulting, ticketing system  and reseller license.

Personalized Plan

Our Partners have the added benefit of having personalised plans that fit their clients needs. Regardless of the number of Units, Web Apps or Tech Support, you’ll be able to define e plan that suits you.

Reseller Opportunity

Partners have an amazing opportunity to use OMNIA for comercial project development. Develop web applications, add them to your product portfolio and easily resell them to your customer portfolio.

OMNIA is the ideal low-code development platform for:

third-party application development

Take advantage of OMNIA's multi-tenant shared infrastructure to easily scale your client portfolio;

Use our template-based development structure to easily add new and complex functionality to your existing projects with little added effort;

Build your own SaaS (Software as a Service) business taking advantage of our white-label strategy option;

Reuse developed models and web components between your customer portfolio to continuously reduce your development costs over time;

OMNIA Low-Code Development Platform - Human Resources Management

Human Resourses Management

Manage all your human resources data with an HR solution. Develop your self-service model where employees take on the input tasks and are responsible for their own information. Automate all your HR processes.

Purchase Process Management

Integrate all your purchase process key points in one single solution that serves as a liaison between all your current systems. Aggregate all purchase information in one place and monitor every aspect of your business in real time.

Sales & Marketing Management

Join your Sales and Marketing teams in the same solution, working together for a better customer experience. Organize your leads, customers and all aspects of customer journey, build your own Customer Relations Manager (CRM). 

Become an OMNIA Partner

Let us know your business needs and we'll elaborate Partner subscription fitted to your needs.



a plan to fit
your exact needs

  • Special bulk prices
  • Unlimited Web Applications
  • Reseller License
  • Dedicated support
  • Account and Project Management

"OMNIA enables us to develop a complex application in no time and has the ability to be production-ready really quickly. Technically speaking, the data sources and the agent features are outstanding, our developers are really impressed!"

Francesco Mondora
Co-CEO @ Mondora

"After OMNIA's implementation we felt a big difference regarding procedure automation, specially payroll processing, as well as human resources administrative management. We used to spend two whole days introducing abseces, vactions and all other process categories and right now it's automatic and that makes our job much easier."

Raquel Coelho
Payroll Specialist @ OLX Group

"The decision of choosing OMNIA as our business application development platform allowed us to improve our own partners network, resulting in a overall value increase for both our company and our partners."

Jorge Batista
Co-CEO @ Primavera Business Software Solutions