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Remotely Develop OMNIA apps with Visual Studio Code
Posted February 20, 2020

Remotely Develop OMNIA apps with Visual Studio Code
Posted February 20, 2020

Note: Remote User Interface Development environment setup was first covered here. This article is an update of that process and supercedes it.

As a development platform, we strive to provide our users with the best and most productive tools we can think of. Those who follow us know that remote development is one of those tools and today we’re showing you how we’ve improved our Remote User Interface Development experience.

What's new

The process of setting up your remote development environment remained pretty much the same, with the following exceptions:


  • Build folder structure has changed (new UI folder);
  • ‘npm install’ – installs UI Project Dependencies;
  • Environment start is now ‘npm start’.

Note: see all documented changes here.

Let's do it

To help you visualize the entire process of setting up your own Remote UI Development environment, we’ve made a brand new video that will cover all the key steps:


  • Downloading an app Build;
  • Use Visual Studio Code to open build folder;
  • ‘npm install’;
  • ‘npm start’;
  • Start Remote Development session;
  • Edit elements locally using Visual Studio Code;

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.2.3 version of the platform.


📄 Documentation

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