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Don't block your behaviours, await instead
Posted January 07th, 2021

When dealing with asynchronous tasks in .NET is important to be cautious. Using them wrong may lead to an unhealthy server.

Since OMNIA .NET behaviours may be invoking APIs, querying databases, accessing file systems, etc., following the best practices is important.

The incorrect use of Tasks in .NET may lead to Deadlocks or Thread Pool Starvation. The good news is that it has an easy fix: Don’t block, await instead.

Achieve this by using async/await. To help you begin the correct path, now you can use async/await in Data Behaviours and Application Behaviours, besides the After Save Behaviours that were already async.

To give you a clear picture of the impact and what you need to do, we have prepared a small video for you. Enjoy!