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Hiring developers is hard, right? Wrong, here’s why:
Posted November 14, 2019

Hiring developers is hard, right? Wrong, here’s why:

Posted November 14, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (with no internet), you have probably heard the news that hiring developers is, and will increasingly be, very hard. Not only will they be hard to find, they’ll also be a very expensive asset. It’s a simple supply-demand issue.


Despite some efforts to promote and attract students to IT related degrees, it’s quite obvious that that won’t be enough.


There’s a need here. An opportunity.

Let’s think for a second. The actual need of companies is not developers, is software development. Until a few years ago, software development and developers meant the same thing, one could not exist without the other, and here lies the basis of the “developer shortage”.


What if we detach software development from developers? What if you could empower your non-developer workforce, so that they can solve their software needs?

Enter Low-Code

The first big push of the concept of low-code came with the web, specifically the construction of websites. Think Google Blogspot, WordPress, and so on…


From one day to the next, ordinary people simply had the power to build a website and share whatever they wanted with the entire world, at the distance of a mouse click.


This had amazing consequences and opened up an incalculable range of business opportunities, specially for agencies, that even to this day we’re not fully aware. It changed the world as we knew it.


As an example of the value that the first low-code solutions provide, specifically WordPress, I can tell that you are reading this post on a website build from scratch by a marketeer, with zero help from a developer and with zero lines of code.


Building websites stopped making sense. We now configure websites the way we want, and the building part is done by the software itself.


Now we want more, we need more than websites, we want applications. We need applications.



By providing a solid built-in base, which removes a huge chunk (more than 50%) of the work required to develop a web application from scratch, alongside with a lot of pre-developed elements such as Web Components, Calendars, State Machines, etc, we allow your company to shift from building web applications, to configuring web applications.

But what if you need more complex applications? What if I want a more complex system integration, for example?


The best part about the way our development platform was built is that it enables non-developers to create and configure simpler web applications, without removing the possibility for custom extensibility.


The tools it provides are ground breaking for non-developers, but they’re also a huge time saver for developers!


In a sentence, non-developers get an amazing tool that allows them to do things they’ve never thought possible, and developers get a tool that will reduce most of the heavy-lifting, less challenging, part of web application development.


We’re ending the developer shortage, wanna join us?

Here, try our platform, for free.