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Feature Highlight: Add a custom loader to your UI
Posted February 5th, 2021

Feature Highlight: Add a custom loader to your UI
Posted February 5th, 2021

Did you know OMNIA allows you to programmatically display a loader with a custom message on top of any Entity UI?

The loader is useful for scenarios where more complex and time consuming operations are executed. Therefore it is important to inform the user of what’s happening and prevent further changes.

On the following example, when the user clicks the button, the grid lines are being loaded from an external system through an HTTP request:

To start the loader it is as simple as, in any moment inside an Entity UI Behaviour, executing the following lines of code:

this._metadata.attributes.loadingMessage = "Searching for yesterday trips... Please Wait";
this._metadata.attributes.isLoading = true; 

Finally, when you want to close the loader (e.g. after the external API results are loaded) simply execute the following line:

this._metadata.attributes.isLoading = false; 

If you still don’t have this feature and want to start using it, remember to update your OMNIA platform to version 3.4.14, or above.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.4.14 version of the platform.

📄 Documentation

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