Feature Highlight: Calendar

One of the most used, and sought after, custom interface element is the calendar. In an ideal scenario, a calendar will allow you to visualize information in a fast and intuitive way, but also allow you to interact directly with it, by inputting information

The development of such an element can be a complex and time consuming task, and it was with that in mind that we’ve developed our own Calendar element, available by default in our development platform. The purpose of this post is to show the main aspects of the calendar element, and its many distinct views.

Keep in mind that the calendar element can be added to any of your web applications without the need for any additional code developments. 

Calendar Views

As an information visual output, the calendar element excels. Its interface is responsive, by default, and its range of views can accommodate most of its users needs.

Our Calendar element has two distinct visual forms, the calendar form, and the schedule form. For the purpose of this example, we used a simple web application with records of purchase order delivery dates. The instances highlighted in the following images represent each order’s expected delivery date.

Listed bellow are the six variations of the same Calendar, that are available, by default, on our platform:

Weekly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

Yearly Calendar

Weekly Schedule

Monthly Schedule

Yearly Schedule

Calendar Input

As demonstrated by the animation bellow, not only is the calendar an excellent tool for data visualization, but also a very efficient way of inputting information.

Tools such as this are best used in contexts like Human Resources Management Software, such as a self-service HR Web Application (see case study), but they can be very useful in any situation that involves date context visualization.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick first look at our Calendar element, you can expect more detailed posts about this element in the near future.

If you wish to try our platform, and see this element in action, feel free to send us an email (click here) and we’ll provide you with a free demo.

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