Feature Highlight: Email Notifications

Personalized, custom designed emails are a minimum requirement for a good web application user experience. From simple state transition notifications, to more specific data formatting needs, the ability to easily control when and what your users are going to receive is crucial for fully productive enterprise systems.

With that in mind, we introduce our latest feature upgrade:

Email Notifications

Designing visually stimulating emails is no simple task. There are, usually, many attempts that need to be made before reaching the final version of an email design. In order to make that part of the process as easy as possible, we’re very glad to announce that you now have even more freedom to design your emails with HTML and CSS!

In addition to the added design freedom, our email notification development process has now a much simpler workflow, that can be summarized in three simple steps:

– Create email (title and body) templates (using Text Templates);

– Use any C# Behaviour to trigger email notifications as desired (see documentation);

– Use the platform’s API for external development integrations (see API documentation).

And that’s it! With these simple steps you’ll be able to design your emails as needed, with no restrictions, and with a pleasant user experience for all involved.

Here’s what our example looks like when it arrived at our inbox:

(Notification Email generated from Text Template)

Note: This feature upgrade went live with our platform version 3.0.321, released on 30/09/2019, don’t forget to update.

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