Feature Update: History Tab

Alongside our latest update, where we introduced the new State Machine builder, our history tab also had a major overall update to its structure and today we’ll be detailing what changed and what those changes represent to our users. 

The history tab is a very useful feature that allows you to check the history of an entity (such as a document) and displays a log of the several actions performed in that specific entity, such as its creation and editions.

In essence, you now have an entity time-machine in your hands that will allow you to record and manage every single iteration your entities have during their entire lifetime.

Tab Layout

(Picture 1: “More options” interface)

In order to display the history tab you simply need to find its activator under the button “More Options”, as demonstrated in picture 1.

(Picture 2: Clickable notifications show the changes between versions)

This action will open the “History” tab, on the right side of the screen, as demonstrated in picture 2.

As we can see from picture two, the history tab now allows you to check:

– Date and Time of Action: date and time of the performed action;

– Action: the action applied to the entity (Created, Updated, State Transition). In case the action is a state transition, the following information will be displayed as well:

  • Decision taken: name of the decision that triggered the transition;
  • Comment: if the decision has a comment, display it;

Account Email: the email of the account responsible for the action;

Entity Layout

By selecting a version of your entity in the history tab, you’ll be shown what instances were created, removed or edited since its previous version. Created and removed attribute instances will be displayed with green and red borders, respectively.

When an attribute is edited, however, a new option becomes available. As demonstrated by the following GIF, edited attributes will be displayed with a yellow border and will be added a “View previous version” button that allows the user to immediately see what changes were made to it.

Want to try it for yourself?

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