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New Feature: Remote User Interface Development
Posted December 12, 2019

New Feature: Remote User Interface Development
Posted Decemberer 12, 2019

Note: The process described in this post is outdated and has been replaced by the process detailed in this more recent article – Remote UI Development.


Today we’re announcing a big change to the way you develop the user interfaces of your OMNIA applications!


This feature will greatly improve the way you develop user interfaces and web components and allow for even shorter development cycles.


We’re very glad to announce our latest platform feature update: Remote User Interface Development!

Remote User Interface (UI) Development


If you’ve been following our posts, you’re aware that remote development is not an entirely new concept to our platform (click here if you’re not), however, with this latest update you’ll have a much better experience developing user interfaces (and Web Components)!


With this update you’ll be able to:

  • Develop code locally, run it in the cloud, see it in your browser

To remotely develop OMNIA Applications UI we recommend you use Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code as is a great free solution for development (you can keep using IDE (own), if you prefer).

Feature Demo

In order to take advantage of our new platform feature and start using remote development today, here’s what you need to do:

Feature Setup and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.1.38 version of the platform, released today.

Feature setup guide included in documentation.


📄 Documentation

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