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New Javascript Accelerators (1 of 2): Get Entity
Posted January 8, 2020

New Javascript Accelerators (1 of 2): Get Entity
Posted January 8, 2020

We start of the year of 2020 with not one, but two new features that will make your development experience with OMNIA even better.


These two new features are Javascript Accelerators (what’s an accelerator?) and on this first post we’ll focus on just the first one (second one coming this week), the “Get Entity” Accelerator.

"Get Entity" Accelerator

This simple feature allows you to generate the necessary code to get an entity’s value and place it in the application’s User Interface, thus eliminating the need for you to develop the code by hand, while still allowing you to edit it.


This accelerator mimics the C# “Get Entity” we’ve developed early 2019, with the difference that that one was designed specific for business rules, while this is design to display information on the app’s UI.



To demonstrate this we’ve made a quick three minute video where we show how to get a value from a Supplier entity and displaying it using User Interface Behaviours. Have a look:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first new Javascript accelerator of 2020. Stay tuned because in a couple of days we have the second part of this post coming with another accelerator that we’re confident you’re gonna love as well.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.1.70 version of the platform, released today.


📄 Documentation

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