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New Platform Update: UI Themes (1 of 4)
Posted January 31, 2020

New Platform Update: UI Themes (1 of 4)
Posted January 31, 2020

Note: This post is part 1 of 4 of our UI Themes post series

Those who follow our blog know that we’ve been a little quiet in the past few weeks, but for a good reason 😉


Today we have a big (BIG) platform update that comes with a brand new powerful feature: User Interface (UI) Themes!


What are UI Themes?

Themes are a way for OMNIA developers to visually change how their web application’s look and feel. 


Like this:

Classic Theme v1.0
NavyBlue Theme v1.0

Style elements at will

As a development platform, OMNIA lives to serve the interest of developers and to make their lives easier and their apps even better. User Interface is a very big part of any digital experience, and web applications are no exception.

In order to allow our developers to improve their application’s User Experience (UX), our new feature will allow for total element customization.

This means that you can make big visually impactful changes, such as the one showed above, but it also means that you can thread the needle and dive deep into design details such as this:

Classic Action Button
Classic Navigation Link Colors
Classic Input
NavyBlue Action Button
NavyBlue Navigation Link Colors
NavyBlue Input

How do Themes work?

Now that we have an idea of what we can do with this new powerful feature, we need to talk about how to actually work with it.


First of all, there are a couple of important points you need to keep in mind and some you need to get familiar with. These points are:

With those concepts in mind, let’s see just how easy it is to make small changes  to our web apps with the new UI Themes feature:

Note: Parts 2, 3 and 4 of this series will feature more complex scenarios. Part 1 will focus on the basics of theme editing.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.2.3 version of the platform, released today.


📄 Documentation

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