New Template: PRIMAVERA v10

We’re very exited to announce our most recent micro template (more info here), built specially for developments that integrate with an OMNIA software partner, ERP PRIMAVERA v10 (website).

The purpose of this new micro template is to facilitate processes and configurations that are frequently used in OMNIA developments that feature integrations with this ERP. By using it you’ll be able to reduce initial development times for new models and projects by, among other things, easily reuse your plumbing code.

Some examples of features that were approached in this new micro template include:

  • Management of PRIMAVERA Data Sources
  • Create lists over the ERP’s Databases
  • Open PRIMAVERA Companies using the Data Source configurations

You can check our dedicated v10 Github page (click here for v9) and get the template today. In this page you’ll also find some ERP related code snippets to help you kick start your integrations.

We’re very satisfied with this new simple, yet very powerful, micro template and we hope you love taking advantage of it too, we’re planning to develop similar templates for other software as well down the road.

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