OMNIA Partners: Build your own SaaS Business Model

As a subscription service, our low-code development platform is targeted at both our clients and partners alike. Whether our platform is used for internal developments or client developments, you’ll find that in both cases the benefits, especially ROI (return on investment), are very attractive.

In this post, we’ll focus our attention to one specific OMNIA advantage that allows our Partners to create new SaaS business models, the multi-tenant feature.

Subscriptions and Tenants

When you acquire an OMNIA subscription you are, in essence, buying a license that will allow you to deploy our platform in a hosting environment. One subscription equals one dedicated URL, however, inside that subscription you’ll be able to create multiple independent web applications, each of them represented by one tenant.

(OMNIA Subscription Tenant Selection)

SaaS Business Opportunity

OMNIA Partners are entitled to a commercial license that allows them to use our development platform as a business tool for client-oriented web application developments. By taking advantage of our white-label strategy option, Partners have the option of creating a new Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Model and expand their activities.

By taking advantage of our multi-tenant infrastructure, an OMNIA subscription will allow you to have multiple web applications running on the same environment (resource allocation can be defined for each tenant), highly reducing hosting costs and maximizing profits.

In essence, OMNIA Partners and resellers are able to gather multiple client projects under the same subscription and, in doing so, cut not only software development costs but also hosting fees.

OMNIA Partner Profile

In order to get the most out of a partnership with OMNIA, companies need to understand if, and how, our service is beneficial to their software development efforts.

Businesses that fit into the following categories are ideal for profitable partnerships:

– Business Consulting: provide your clients with a next level productivity tool and assist them in developing fully customized business productivity systems;  

– ISV (Independent Software Vendors): reuse your OMNIA developed models by turning them into products. Develop once, sell multiple times.

– VAR (Value Added Resellers): build your own software product on top of OMNIA and provide the market with business specific software solutions;

– System Integrators: take advantage of our integration technology to develop complex integrated data rich systems for your clients.

If you believe your business can benefit from a becoming an OMNIA Partner, feel free to contact us and detail your business needs, we’ll definitely have a profitable business opportunity for you.

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