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Platform v3.3 Highlights and Fixes
Posted June 3rd, 2020

Platform v3.3 Highlights and Fixes
Posted June 3rd, 2020

Recently we’ve launched a couple of very big updates to our platform, namely version 3.3, and today we’re shining a light on the new features and bug fixes we’ve been added ever since.


Currently the OMNIA Platform is at v3.3.27, and here are a few of the most important highlights of the improvments we’ve made:

New Features and Enhancments

Upgrade to .NET Core 3.1 runtime

This .NET Core upgrade brings with it several performance and stability improvements, you can check all the technical details on Microsoft’s own page.

For developers that use Visual Studio, from this version upwards you’re going to need .NET Core 3.1 SDK installed (Official .NET Page).


Modeler Features:

  • You can now update Forms, Lists, Queries and Dashboards using JSON;
  • Add context information to modeler List and Query lists;
  • Toast notifications: Move to right/lower corner;
Application Features:

This version contains breaking changes. Upgrade to OMNIA Connector v3.3 is required (see latest versions).

Smashed Bugs (from v3.3 to v3.3.27)

  • Breadcrumb not translated on navigation (new tab)
  • Error messages when required collection attribute is not filled are not clear
  • UI/Calendar: Records duplicated after interacting with a caption
  • List: Totals do not reflect the number of entities that exist
  • Modeler: Filters on queries are case sensitive
  • When a Boolean attribute is set on behaviour as true, it cannot be set manually as false
  • Remote debug not working for System Application Behaviours
  • Health Check – Unhealthy for subscriptions with pending setup
  • State Machine: Text Attribute detected as changed when the attribute is null
  • Error when a collection is sent to update an attribute on a patch request
  • Cannot set WebComponents properties on JavaScript Behaviours when a component is located on a nested grid
  • Invalid location error when adding a namespace to a DataSource
  • DataSource selected on an external Entity list is not reflected on entity edit
  • The exception message is not clear when an entity is added to the model with the code of an existent one

Platform Update and Documentation

Check out v3.3.27 of our platform.

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