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New Feature: Nested Collections​
Posted October 22, 2019

New Feature: Nested Collections​
Posted October 22, 2019


Have you ever had the need to add details to an Order Line, such as assigning an order to a specific project?

What about registering execution times associated with a specific task?

Today we have a brand new update that will allow you to easily develop these types of complex solutions, Nested Collections.


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Nested Collections

Nested Collections are a simple feature that allow the addition of a collection as an attribute of another collections.

There are three collection concepts that will now be able to be have other collections as an attribute:


– Events
– Commitments
– Generic Entities


Alongside these three collection-type entities, you can also add any type of collection as an attribute of another collection, up to a limit of three.

Purchase Order Use Case:

In order to exemplify the power of this new feature we’ve developed a simple diagram of a common business use case, a Purchase Order. As you can observe in the following diagram, you can now add a collection (Project Distribution) as an attribute of another collection (Order Lines), allowing you to develop more complex scenarios with zero added effort.


Nested Grids

Alongside Nested Collections we’re also introducing Nested Grids, that serve as the user interface. Here’s what the new nested grids looks like:


Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.0.345 version of the platform, released today.


📄 Documentation for Nested Collections

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