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Web Application DIY (Do It Yourself)
Posted October 28, 2019

Web Application DIY (Do It Yourself)

Posted October 28, 2019

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Did you ever focused on a problem just to come to the conclusion that it could be solved with a simple web app?


If you’re a developer you’re probably thinking “Yes, of course…”, but what if you’re not?


What if we told you that you don’t need to know how to code in order to build an application?

Think it

You’ve found a problem in your company: there’s not enough innovation going on, ideas just fly around without purpose or goal, and you decide to do something about it.


You have an idea for an application: The Idea Sharing app (naming apps is not your strong suit)


You think about the problem and get to the conclusion that your app needs to do three things:


– allow employees to submit new ideas to the organization;

– allow employees to vote on other submitted ideas;

– approve/reject idea for implementation.


Then you build a diagram to help with visualization:

At this point, your job would be done. The idea is theorized and may, our not, be developed. It’s no longer in your hands, right?
Not anymore.

Build it

As an OMNIA developer, starting your own applications becomes an independent task. Without knowing a thing about code, you can build more than 80% of a web application with simple configurations, leaving just a few more complex rules that might need some code. 


You don’t need developers to setup a new application, to start building it, or to make it work.


To build an application like this one using OMNIA, your development process becomes something like this:


  • Create entities;
  • Create states and transitions;
  • Adjust interface;
  • Add email notifications;
  • Add business rules (code may be needed here);


To demonstrate how simple it would be to develop an application such as this one, we’ve asked our marketing guy to give it a go. 


Here’s what he managed to build (few lines of code were added for details and extensibility purposes):

Deploy it

(OMNIA developer stressing with deployment issues)

The solution is done. It works (see GitHub app page). Now you just need to ask the development team to deploy it (as soon as possible), so that everyone can start using it, right?



Here’s how you deploy an application with OMNIA (the full 15 seconds of it):

Yup. It’s that simple.

Not convinced? Here, see it for yourself or schedule a demo with our development team. You will be amazed with what you can do.