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Economic theory-based business modeling

Resources, Events, Agents

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OMNIA – Low-Code Business Application Development Platform

Subscription Pricing and Plans

All our subscription plans allow for unlimited development tenants, they are upgradable at any time and allow you to take full advantage of our platform.




  • 100 OMNIA Units
  • 1 Web Application
  • -



per month
(billed anually)

  • 2000 OMNIA Units
  • 2 Web Applications
  • Shared Account Manager



per month
(billed anually)

  • 5000 OMNIA Units
  • 3 Web Applications
  • Shared Account Manager



per month
(billed anually)

  • 12000 OMNIA Units
  • 5 Web Applications
  • Dedicated Account Manager



a plan to fit
your exact needs

  • Special bulk prices
  • Unlimited Web Applications
  • Account and Project Management

What are OMNIA Units?

OMNIA Units represent the dimension and complexity of your application. By adding up some of the platform’s development elements (such as attributes, behaviours, web components, end users), we set a complexity limit according to the chosen price plan.

Can I buy more units?

Yes. Don’t worry about your OMNIA Unit consumptions, at any point in time you are able to add more units to your subscription and keep your development times intact