Enterprise Application Development

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Economic theory-based business modeling

Resources, Events, Agents

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OMNIA – Low-Code Business Application Development Platform

Purchase Process Management

Turn your complex, multi-party purchase process into a simple and aggregated solution suited to your needs

Common business challenges

One of the most knows problems related to purchase processes is that it involves multiple parties, system integrations and an overall scattering of business data across all purchase steps, turning the monitoring of the entire process into a very complex issue.

From the initial purchase request to the actual product delivery, all the key points of a common purchase process should, ideally, be intuitive, aggregated and hassle-free every step of the way.

Key Points

  • Multi-party process
  • Scattered Data
  • Incoherent purchase experience

How OMNIA can help your business grow

Business-specific solution

OMNIA is a low-code enterprise application development platform designed to help businesses tackle issues such as this one, by allowing it’s clients to easily develop their solution with all their business specifications taken into account.

Our platform allows for an easy multiple system integrations, making all your purchase process information available in one place, and aggregating all the intended users in one web application.

Taking advantage of our pre-built web components (bar/pie charts) allows for the development of an analytics solutions within the application, serving as a data analysis hub that covers the purchase process from end to end.

Key Points

  • Easy Multi-System Integration
  • Purchase Process consolidation
  • Data Aggregation and Monitoring

Human Resources Management

Manage all your human resources data with an HR solution. Develop your self-service model where employees take on the input tasks and are responsible for their own information. Automate all your HR processes.

Sales and Marketing Management

Join your Sales and Marketing teams in the same solution, working together for a better customer experience. Organize your leads, customers and all aspects of customer journey, build your own Customer Relations Manager (CRM).