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OMNIA – Low-Code Business Application Development Platform

The Development Platform
Business Applications

Unleash the true potential of your organization by providing your development team with the perfect productivity tool. Design applications with ease and speed using no-code tools. 

Take the project to the finish line using extensibility features that developers really want and with Programming Languages they already love. 

Build Web Apps at Full Speed

OMNIA is designed from scratch with productivity in mind, always with the end goal of making internal web application development as fast, secure and productive as possible. With a vast array of features, OMNIA is the tool that will allow business developers to prototype and pitch application models, as well as support developers with any and all extensibility needs.


Use OMNIA’s business language based modeler to compose your web applications without the need for coding. Prototype fast and pitch projects like never before. When approved, developers will finish the parts you can’t.



Connect to virtually any system you need. From legacy systems to state of the art CRMs, OMNIA can build bridges to connect them all.


OMNIA Low-Code Development Platform - Third-party System Integration

Make sure your mobile experience is optimal, with zero effort. Everything you do with OMNIA follows responsive web design standards, so you don’t have to invest time on it.

It’s right there in the title. Click one button, wait a few seconds and boom, your web application is now updated for all your users.

"We felt a big difference in payroll processing since it was one of the fully manual processes. Also the handling of vacations, the process became much simpler and now all RH requests are made using OMNIA, which makes everything very agile."

Build Apps That Fit Your Business

Speed and accuracy are two very difficult things to combine. However, with OMNIA both of those traits are combined in a two-phased development experience. With the Modeler, business developers can build about 50% of the application and deploy to pitch projects. After approval, developers need only to implement business rules and user interface changes they wish, freeing their talent for what really matters.

Business Language Modelling

Model applications using REA-based business language for fast and intuitive prototyping and proof of concept.
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Familiar Dev Environment

Use the knowledge you have from using Microsoft's Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to develop and debug your C# and JavaScript app behaviours.
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User Interface Themes

Take advantage of Bootstrap's SCSS-based themes and elevate your user experience to new levels with very little effort.
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Multi-System Integration

Thanks to our OMNIA Connector technology you can easily integrate your applications with legacy, cloud or local systems opening up productivity opportunities that you've never thought possible.
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What our users are building

"After OMNIA's implementation, we felt a big difference regarding procedure automation, especially payroll processing, as well as human resources administrative management. We used to spend two whole days introducing absences, vacations and all other process categories and right now it's automatic, and that makes our job much easier."

Build Future-Proof Applications

Needs change and businesses need to adapt. The faster a business adapts, the bigger the advantage towards the competition. With OMNIA, your applications can be easily updated or extended and made available to all users within seconds.

Standard Programming Languages

Take advantage of community knowledge and longevity by using three of the most used programming languages to date: C#, JavaScript and PostGres SQL.

Updated Business Processes

Improve and adapt business models with ease, speed and security.

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