Enterprise Application Development

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Economic theory-based business modeling

Resources, Events, Agents

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Sales & Marketing Management

Take your customer journey to the next level, build a solution that transforms your entire sales process into an easy to use web application

Common business challenges

Selling is the most important process in a business. From lead generation, service providers, product manufactures, marketing efforts and product delivery, there is a multitude of forces at play that will make the management and monitoring of results a high-cost and highly complex operation.

Having your Sales and Marketing divisions aligned is not an easy task, but the value of aggregating them into one solution has proven to be an invaluable enterprise asset. Some key benefits of this are internal department alignment and communication and data aggregation and full process monitoring.

Key Points

How OMNIA can help your business grow

Business-specific Solution

OMNIA is a low-code enterprise application development platform, designed to help businesses tackle issues such as this one, by allowing it’s clients to easily develop their own solution with all their business specifications taken into account.

Our platform allows for an easy multiple system integration, enabling your Sales and Marketing Departments to share and work together like never before.

By taking advantage of some pre-built web components (bar/pie charts), you’ll be able to develop monitoring solutions within your web application and essentially create your own, business specific, Customer Relations Management system.

Key Points

Human Resources Management

Manage all your human resources data with an HR solution. Develop your self-service model where employees take on the input tasks and are responsible for their own information. Automate all your HR processes.

Procurement Process Management

Integrate all your purchase process key points in one single solution that serves as a liaison between all your current systems. Aggregate all purchase information in one place and monitor every aspect of your business in real time.