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Human Resources Management

OMNIA Platform solution developed and implemented by Primavera BSS

The challenge

OLX Group had an inefficient human resources processing model, that included manual payroll processing, absences, vacations, and all other relevant aspects of employee management. The company makes use of an ERP to manage their human resources, and integrating the solution with it was mandatory. As it is commonly known, the complexity and diversity of issues that arise from manual human resources processing grow with the number of employees and, therefore, gets more expensive as the organization grows. The main goal set by the client was to automate all processing aspects of human resources, through a self-service platform that their employees could access from anywhere, using any device, and become responsible for all input related to his personal information.

Key Problems

"After OMNIA's implementation, we felt a big difference regarding procedure automation, especially payroll processing, as well as human resources administrative management. We used to spend two whole days introducing absences, vacations and all other process categories and right now it's automatic, and that makes our job much easier."
OMNIA Low-Code Development Platform Testemonial - Raquel Coelho Payroll Specialist @ OLX Group
Raquel Coelho
Payroll Specialist @ OLX Group

The solution

Human Resources Management is a common problem for businesses and, as such, OMNIA has a simple and elegant solution that fixed all the presented issues and automated every single part of all processes. Through the implementation of our HR Template solution, with the needed specifications developed by our OMNIA Partner, Primavera BSS, the client went from a highly complex, repetitive and resource-intensive process, to an automated, decentralized and mobile solution that their employees now use every day with ease.

Key Benefits


Purchase Process Management

Integrate all your purchase process key points in one single solution that serves as a liaison between all your current systems. Aggregate all purchase information in one place and monitor every aspect of your business in real time.

Sales & Marketing Management

Merge your Sales and Marketing teams in the same solution, working together for a better customer experience. Organize your leads, customers and all aspects of customer journey, build your own Customer Relations Manager (CRM).