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OMNIA – Low-Code Application Development Platform

How OMNIA can help your business grow

Our platform is ready to tackle all sort of business problem, regardless of complexity, and the following examples consist of one case study and several common business problems that OMNIA was built to address. 

Human Resources Management

Manage all your human resources in one place. Develop your specific system that fits your business needs at highly reduced costs. From payroll processing to vacation requests, automate all your HR processes. 

Purchase Process Management

Integrate all your purchase process key points in one single solution that serves as a liaison between all your current systems. Aggregate all purchase information in one place and monitor every aspect of your business in real time.

Sales & Marketing Management

Join your Sales and Marketing teams in the same solution, working together for a better costumer experience. Organize your leads, current costumers and all aspects of costumer journey, by building your own Customer Relationship Manager 

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