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Economic theory-based business modeling

Resources, Events, Agents

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The new business normal is here,
is your IT ready?

As businesses step into the post-coronavirus future, they need to find a way to adapt and embrace the inevitable change.

The path is Digital Transformation, the fastest way there is with OMNIA.

Embrace change, accelerate your Digital Transformation

Prepare your business for the future, regardless of what it may be. With OMNIA you create software that follows your business logic, not the other way around.


Spend time on what matters, we’ll take care of the rest.

Build Responsive Line-of-Business Web Applications that fit your needs

"OMNIA enables us to develop a complex application in no time and has the ability to be production-ready really quickly. Technically speaking, the data sources and the agent features are outstanding, our developers are really impressed!"

OMNIA Low-Code Development Platform Testemonial - Francesco Mondora Co-CEO @ Mondora
Francesco Mondora
Co-CEO @ Mondora

Here’s an example of what our partners are building with OMNIA
(audio is PT only, EN subtitles available)

A good productivity tool
is never a cost

The basic principle behind a productivity tool is that it saves more money than is costs, the more it saves the better it is at its job. This is our commitment, to provide a tool that will save much, much, more than it costs.


Take advantage of high-productivity features such as app template reusability, multi-system connectivity and one-click deploy.


Do much more with what you have today.

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