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End Shadow IT today
Posted February 17th, 2023

End Shadow IT today
Posted February 17th, 2023

Shadow IT is a very cool term for something that, in our opinion, is not cool at all.

By definition, shadow IT can be any kind of system (think software applications or even complex spreadsheets) that is not developed/manage by a company’s internal IT department. This means that companies that don’t even have an IT department, fully rely on shadow IT for their operations.

Despite the fact that shadow IT leads to an obvious improvement in the short term, in the long term it becomes unsustainable. Just imagine having ten or twenty applications managed by different entities… You get the picture.

What if you could have the innovation potential of shadow IT, without the risks? That’s why we’ve built OMNIA.

Be In Control

One of the key advantages of developing web applications using the OMNIA Platform comes from the fact that you get to control everything you build with it, in one single place. No data scattered everywhere, no multitude of languages to master, just a development hub for all your organizational needs.


You control who develops, who uses and the environment where they interact.

Be Safe

Security is increasingly a very important topic when referring to software development and keeping up with every threat is no easy task. Organizations want safe and fast developments to keep up with demand and building everything from scratch is simply not an option for many organizations.

With OMNIA, you build inside a safe environment and won’t have to worry about security, which frees time for developers to focus on more business-oriented issues, rather than technical ones.

Be agile

As every single developer knows, a list of features is never finished, right? Things are always changing and software needs to change with it, fast. Simple things like a tax adjustment can be a hurdle to overcome if not handled properly and this is one of the key aspects that made us build OMNIA.

Perform fast and reliable changes to your existing application and propagate them in a matter of seconds. 

Businesses should not have to wait for IT to evolve and keep up with demand in a seamless collaboration.

Be integrated

One of the most, if not the most, overwhelming issues with shadow IT comes from the lack of connectivity and exchange of information between applications. Not that that can’t happen, but the more different systems you run in your organization, the more costly it becomes to make them work together and feed data to each other.

Now imagine you have a place where everything can connect and where you can use pre-existing systems as data sources for your new business applications, cool right?

That’s exactly what OMNIA allows you to do. Whether your business depends on vital spreadsheets or multiple shadow applications, you can connect those to OMNIA and start building new and exciting business applications.

Would you like to see how OMNIA works and try it for yourself? Just follow this and we’ll get back to you asap.

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