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Feature Highlight: Limit text attributes
Posted February 27th, 2023

Feature Highlight: Limit text attributes

Posted February 27th, 2023

Today we bring you a small update we’ve made to entities’ text attributes to simplify any required text size validation.

In Modeler, when creating or updating an attribute of type “Text” you may notice two more properties appearing at the end of the form:

  • Minimum text length: the text field content must have at least this amount of characters. This value being “1” or more does not make it required.
  • Maximum text length: the amount of characters in the text field content must be smaller than this.

By setting at least one of these properties, the modeler enables validations of the text size when the end user changes the value of the attribute. In the Application these validations appear as below:

These validations occurs not only in the UI but also in the API making them work as any other, meaning the user must respect them in order to be able to save the current entity’s creation or changes, to reinforce system’s consistency.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this minor implementation on text attributes, if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know, feedback is always welcome.

Note: You might notice the dark background in the gif above, now it’s a great time to remind you that you can develop your own themes (or use one of our samples) and customize your application’s appearance with SCSS. 

Platform Update and Documentation

This feature was part of our 3.4.109 version of the platform.

📄 Documentation