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Feature Highlight: Menu Favorites
Posted March 2, 2020

Feature Highlight: Menu Favorites
Posted March 2, 2020

Note: This feature was released with version 3.2.3 of the OMNIA Platform

Recently we’ve been so focused on our latest feature, App Themes, that we’ve almost forgot one less flashy (but very useful) feature that we’ve added on that same 3.2.3 platform release.

Today we’re focusing on the new “Menu Favorites” feature, detailing what is does and what benefits it will bring to your application’s user experience.

Older Menu
New Menu with Favorites

Your experience, your shortcuts

When dealing with web applications, specially those with large numbers of functionalities, it’s very common to end up with highly complex menus, given the amount of options.


Being nearly impossible to develop a single menu that will make all your users happy, we’ve decided to give them a little more freedom and allow them to customize their own menu’s favorite options.


This new feature is only available within applications and they behave according to these key points:

  • User adds/removes own favorites;
  • Favorites depend on device (users can configure their menu favorites differently on mobile, on tablet and on desktop);
  • Folders cannot be favorited.

User Interactions

Add Favorites
Remove Favorites
Colapse/Show Favorites

If you still don’t have this feature and want to start using it, remember to update your OMNIA platform to version 3.2.3, or above.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.2.3 version of the platform, released today.


📄 Documentation

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