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Menu Extensibility: Call an Uber in your Web App
Posted January 13th, 2023

At the core of our low-code platform there’s great emphasis on the concept of extensibility. Extensibility is, in broad terms, the freedom to do as you please and develop intricate pieces of software that can add all kinds of functionalities and answer to all kinds of specific business needs. With our platform, one of the ways you can achieve this is by using web components.

In order to showcase how much freedom you really have, we’ve developed a simple yet very useful web component example, using Uber’s deep linking functionalities, and added to our application’s main menu.

Use Case:

In the following video is possible to observe the user’s access to his client list, via his company’s Sales application, followed by a consult of the client’s address in order to perform a visit. In order to optimize this task for all sales professionals, a contextual menu button was added, that automatically directs the user to the Uber mobile application, with his ride already configured and one tap away from the request.

This functionality emulates the need for a sales operative to consult a client’s address for a business visit, facilitating the process of requesting transportation. The link is generated considering the user’s current page, changing the submitted address depending on which customer profile the sales operative is viewing.

This is no more than an example of the freedom developers have when using our low-code platform, the possibilities are virtually endless.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this demonstration video, if you want to know how we’ve developed this useful web component follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss our next posts, we’ll share more about this example in the future.

If you want to try out this or other of our features just send us an email and will provide you with a free, full-featured, demo of our low-code platform.