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Modeler Update: OMNIA Units
Posted February 14th, 2023

Modeler Update: OMNIA Units
Posted February 14th, 2023

Note: This feature was released with version 3.3.164 of the OMNIA Platform

OMNIA Developers are quite familiar with the concept of OMNIA Units (OUs), but for those who may not know: OUs are a measurement of application complexity, used for billing purposes.


With our latest platform version, we’ve released a new Modeler feature that will provide you with valuable information as you are developing your web applications.


Meet the new OMNIA Unit Counter, a new and clear way of keeping up with your OMNIA Units consumptions immediately after any change you make to your apps.

OMNIA Unit Counter

(New Modeler User Interface with the OMNIA Counter)
(Interactive Interface)
(New OMNIA Unit Counter Dedicated Page)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this new platform feature, we’ll be back soon with more exciting news from the OMNIA world.


If you want access to this new feature don’t forget to update your platform version to 3.3.164 following the link below 👇

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.3.164 version of the platform.


📄 Documentation

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