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New Feature: Test Advanced Queries
Posted March 7th, 2023

New Feature: Test Advanced Queries
Posted March 17th, 2023

An important step in developing an application is to test it out to avoid any unexpected behaviour. One of the main areas of the application that must be tested is the database, meaning you should test your queries before deploying your application.

With that in mind, we’re now introducing a simple way to test your advanced queries in the modeling area, so you don’t need to build & deploy and test models in the application area.

For example, it’s normal to make a typo while writing code and don’t notice it before completing your build. Now you can click on the “Execute” button to test run an advanced query. Check the example below:

The test result indicates if it was processed successfully or not, the execution time and a table preview of the query output. The preview table is perfect to avoid any need to check your application area to validate your data.

This new feature can be used after our 3.5.27 version of the platform.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our 3.5.27 version of the platform.

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