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New Feature: Views Tree
Posted November 3rd, 2021

New Feature: Views Tree
Posted November 3rd, 2021

Following our previous post about the new OMNIA feature to Test Advanced Queries we’ve added a new sidebar containing all compiled views of the model and respective columns and types.

This makes it easier for you to code complex queries around all the model’s system entities and even test everything at once safely in the modeler section.

In order to try and speed up the development experience we’ve also included the Drag and Drop functionality in the Views Tree. To do that drag (hold your mouse click on) each view or column’s name and drop it (release your mouse click) on the SQL Query on left.

We’ve also included a SELECT script generator option right side by each view’s name. To generate a SELECT script you simply drag the little button and drop it on the SQL Query on left.

Check the example below where we cover all the functionalities:

You can check out more about the views tree on our documentation.

Platform Update and Documentation

This new feature is part of our platform version 3.5.38.

📄 Documentation