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New Feature: Import App Data from Excel file using Command Line Interface (CLI)
Posted January 26th, 2023

New Feature: Import App Data from Excel file using Command Line Interface (CLI)
Posted January 26th, 2023

Note: This feature is an addition to our Command Line Interface. Click here to see all other features.

Today we’re adding a much requested and anticipated feature to our Command Line Interface (CLI): App Data Import from Excel spreadsheet!


OMNIA + Microsoft Excel

If you’ve been keeping up with our updates, you know that when we first released our Command Line Interface (see post here), the following commands were made available:

  • Create a new tenant on a subscription;
  • Add users (and assign a role), in bulk, to your applications;
  • Import/Export models and templates.

Spreadsheets are an essential part of most companies’ processes, regardless of size or industry, and an amazing tool for organizing, sorting, calculating, etc. One of the unintended consequences of the usage of spreadsheets is that they can become highly complex and hard to navigate, whilst becoming huge databases of products, employees or other company assets.

Our latest addition to the Command Line Interface will allow you to import everything from your current spreadsheets and automatically create new agents, resources, documents, data sources, or any other type of entity. In summary, you’ll now be able to populate your OMNIA applications with all kinds of data, directly from your spreadsheets!


To do this, you only need to use the following command:

omnia-cli application import –subscription MY_SUBSCRIPTION –tenant MY_TENANT –path “PATH_TO_FILE”

Yes… Now it’s that simple 😉

This new feature can be particularly useful in cases such as:


  • Populate specific entities in bulk (add all your suppliers in one import, for example);
  • Setup a New Tenant with initial data;
  • Import all your employees and correlate them with your app users;
  • etc.

Setup Information

As usual, we’ve added all the necessary setup information for this feature on our Github. Check out our technical documentation and see how you can start using this new feature today!


📄 Documentation (Github)


Remember, our CLI is open-source. You can see all of its code or even contribute to it.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and we can’t wait to see the new awesome applications you develop with its help.

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