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New Security Management Features!
Posted February 10th, 2023

New Security Management Features!
Posted February 10th, 2023

Note: This feature was released with version 3.3.125 of the OMNIA Platform

Today we’re very happy to announce some major changes to our Security Management Area (both Subscription and Tenant)!

Like many others, this feature was a direct result of our users’ feedback. If you have a suggestion don’t be shy and let us know. Help us make OMNIA better for you 😉


First up, we’ve got a brand new User List that includes all usernames and their respective roles in one single place.

You’ll be able to add new users, find the current ones much better and even edit their roles!

It looks something like this:

Tenant Security Management Area

Now, when you click on a user you can directly change (or delete) its role. Here’s what the new popup looks like:

Update User Role

And to top it all off, we present another user-requested addition: Filters


Now you can search for usernames using our default filter option, or you can filter them by Role as well.


Here’s how the User Interface will look:

Security List Filters

With this new update we hope to greatly improve the way you manage your users and their respective roles within your OMNIA web applications.


Thank you for your continuous feedback and for helping us make OMNIA better for you.

If you still don’t have this feature and want to start using it, remember to update your OMNIA platform to version 3.3.125, or above.

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