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Economic theory-based business modeling

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Reach the stars

With one hundred thousand (100k) Omnia Units, and total of 5 web applications, there are very few limits for what you can do! Add all sorts of details and build the business applications you’ve always wanted.

Dedicated Account

The Corporation Subscription plan will give you a dedicated Account Manager to deal with any and all questions or support you might need. Regardless of the issue at hand, your dedicated Account Manager will follow your account be a proactive optimization element of your development strategy.

Grow with results

Focus on your developments without the need to worry about your application’s success. At any point in your subscription, if presented with sudden success, you can upgrade your plan, acquire more units, applications, or tech support. 

Corporation Subscription



per month
(billed anually)

  • 100000 OMNIA Units
  • 5 Web Applications
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Can I build more apps?

Regardless of the initial plan allowing only for 5 web applications, you’ll always be able to add more, at any point in time. Whether you need more web apps, or more OMNIA Units, you’ll always be able to find a solution that fits your exact needs.

Account Manager?

By becoming an OMNIA costumer, you’ll automatically be assigned an Account Manager that will be your specific support within the team. From simple doubts, to development strategies and best practices, your Account Manager will help you optimize all your OMNIA platform development experience.