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Economic theory-based business modeling

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Multiple Applications

Having access to multiple production tenants allows you to have three separate business applications at work, in the same subscription. 

Upgrade anytime

You can upgrade your plan at any point in time, without worrying about your work. If the need arises, just let your Account Manager know and he will manage your subscription upgrade.

Account Manager

Enterprise clients are assigned an Account Manager that will be responsible for their needs. From development recommendations, to subscription plan definitions, he/she will be your liaison within OMNIA.

Enterprise Subscription Plan



per month
(billed anually)

  • 50000 OMNIA Units
  • 3 Web Applications
  • Shared Account Manager

What are OMNIA Units?

OMNIA Units represent the dimension and complexity of your application. By adding up some of the platform’s development elements (such as attributes, behaviours, web components, end users), we set a complexity limit according to the chosen price plan.

Can I add more web apps?

Yes, despite the initial plan allowing only for 3 web applications, at any time you can add more. Whether you need more OMNIA Units or another web application, you can order more at any time.

Tech Support?

By becoming an OMNIA Enterprise customer you will be able to ask for direct tech support from our development and strategy teams. Whether you need help defining a roadmap, or your developers need a little help with an issue, we are here to assist you.